Born on the east coast I was fortunate to grow up amongst the rolling hills and horse farms of the Chesapeake Bay. I had a very active imagination, and a strong need for discovery.  My interest in photography came from my father a talented  photographer but truly amazing man to whom I am grateful for the many lessons taught.

A Chronology of sorts:

 Unlike many photographers, I have an intimate understanding of art from the Renaissance period onward.  I continue to learn and find inspiration in art of all types.  From the time I took my first photograph it has been a continual learning process.

In 1986 I opened a commercial studio in Dallas, Texas.  This is where I started to formalize a method of working which incorporated a style of painting and photography. In addition to my commercial work I developed a reputation as skilled portrait artist. Compared to commercial work, portraits are the most challenging type of photography due to the human interaction.  I think I capture people well.  I left my studio in 1997 to move West.  I’ve been in Northern California ever since.  Here I’ve refreshed my vision and continue to grow as an artist.  

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